Tech Target Seminar: Modern Servers & Storage - Washington DC (2016)

The Modern Server and Storage Infrastructure seminar is your guide to finally understanding the full breadth of emerging technologies transforming your data center. In just 1/2 a day out of the office, independent expert Scott D. Lowe helps you develop a business case for the server and storage solutions to solve your most pressing performance, scalability, and management issues.

June 9, 2016

Washington DC
A group of famous European journalists travels to California for 1 week to meet 10 to 12 companies often at their HQ. Sessions last 2 hours with interactive presentation, (video) interview, lab. visit, user testimonial and demo. These sessions could be seen finally as very efficient, straightforward, exclusive and dedicated on-site press conferences. Optionally, the company can book a dinner with the group. 4 categories exist based on the status and profile of the company: early stage, startup, private or public. Based on these visits, the press group publishes content such as articles on online or print magazines, videos, blogs and produce tons of tweets during the meeting.