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The Universal Data Plane
The future of software-defined storage:
Make multi-cloud and cross-cloud strategies a reality.
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Learn to Solve Data Challenges like the Web Giants
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"The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform underpins our entire software-defined datacenter initiative and we have it deployed in development across four data centers in Europe to help with rapid prototyping in our digital platform. We’re excited about 2.0 and Hedvig’s vision for the Universal Data Plane aligns with BNP Paribas CIB’s global platform strategy." Emmanuel Salzard Director of IV2 Digital Platform, BNP Paribas CIB
elastic storage cluster
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Scales to petabytes of data

Start with a few nodes and scale to thousands. Add capacity if and when needed. Embrace the economics of commodity x86 infrastructure to build your storage.

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Provides block, file, and object storage

Collapse monolithic, disparate
storage solutions into a single,
modern platform. Streamline and automate provisioning. Bring the simplicity of public clouds to
your datacenter

Flexible compute support
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Connects to any computer, runs in any cloud

Ensure any application leverages modern storage without the need for rewrites. Support all operating systems today. Evolve to software-defined and cloud infrastructure at the pace your business demands.

Product Overview

Cut storage costs by 60% or more for traditional workloads

server virtualzation

Increase flexibility for new workloads and hybrid clouds

hybrid clouds
test/dev clouds
big data
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Don’t let your storage become The Walking Dead – how SDS can help

This summer Netflix unveiled its new Binge Scale revealing the types of shows we tend to devour — as in finishing an entire season in one week — versus those we simply savor at an unhurried pace....Read more

Solution Brief
The Future of Storage: A Universal Data Plane
September 22, 2016
Learn about a breakthrough in storage technology that makes multi-cloud and cross-cloud data a reality.
Universal Data Plane: Making multi-cloud and cross-cloud data strategies a reality
September 22, 2016

Stop by our Universal Data Plane resource page to learn how we're executing against this vision today and get updates as we continue to innovate.

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Press Release
Hedvig Reveals Vision for the Future of Storage
September 22, 2016
Hedvig Details Programmable Data Management Platform that Advances Multi-Cloud Strategies for Businesses Undergoing Digital Transformation


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