Scalable, multi-site storage to consolidate traditional arrays

Traditional storage infrastructure is deployed in discrete tiers, with each tier designed to accommodate specific performance and availability requirements. This tiered approach leads to excessive capital and operational expenses associated with disparate storage platforms. It also leads to complex replication, backup, and gateway technologies needed to interconnect and protect data among tiers.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a modern, software-defined storage solution designed to overcome the rigidity and economics of traditional storage. It provides a single, programmable data fabric that spans across workloads, clouds, and tiers. It replaces the need for disparate SAN, NAS, object, cloud, backup, replication, and data protection gear. As true software-defined storage, it runs on commodity servers in private clouds and as instances in a public cloud.

Storage Modernization Problems Hedvig Solves

  • Managing multiple, diverse SAN, NAS, and object solutions to meet application needs is complex and costly.

  • Provisioning storage with traditional solutions is a slow and manual process.

  • The cost of traditional storage solutions based on proprietary hardware/software is expensive.


Hedvig's Unique Storage Modernization Value

  • Consolidate multiple arrays into a single platform.

  • Simplify storage operations, provisioning capacity in seconds.

  • Cut storage costs by 60% or more compared to traditional arrays.


Why Choose Hedvig for Storage Modernization

  • Unified, multi-protocol software platform to collapse SAN, NAS and object infrastructure.

  • Hyperconverged and hyperscale architecture for maximum scalability and flexibility.

  • Multi-hypervisor and container integration creates a migration path and mitigates technology risk.

Key Hedvig Storage Modernization Features

  • iSCSI, NFS, S3, and Swift support in a single platform

  • VM-aware storage with per-VM data policies

  • Encryption in-flight, encryption at-rest, and LDAP/AD integration for security

  • In-line, global deduplication and compression for data efficiency

  • Tunable replication factor with 1-6 copies for HA and DR