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  • Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform v3.0 Live Webinar

    Register for our live webinar to hear about the latest all-flash, security, and integration capabilities in Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform v3.0.

  • Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform v3.0 Feature Brief

    Learn how version 3.0 of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides new all-flash, encryption, audit logging, access control, and integration features.

  • Hedvig NetBackup OST Solution Brief

    Learn about the Hedvig NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST) plugin to improve performance, scale, and efficiency for Veritas backups.

  • Checklist: Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud or On-Premises Storage - Which Backup Solution is Right For You?

    Read a break down of the three most talked about options to help you decide which backup solution is right for your business.

  • Checklist: 4 Reasons to Choose Hedvig for Your VMware Environment

    Learn the four reasons Hedvig is right for your VMware environment.

  • Hedvig HPE solution brief

    Discover how the Hedvig partners with HPE to deliver hyperscale software-defined storage.

  • Checklist: 4 Options for Architecting Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    Learn four options for architecting a hybrid cloud and how software-defined storage can help.

  • Hedvig Infographic: Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Learn why multi-cloud storage is the cloud strategy of the future and how software-defined storage helps.

  • Hedvig Red Hat solution brief

    Discover how the Hedvig integrates with Red Hat container-enabled platforms including OpenShift.

  • VM-aware software-defined storage whitepaper

    How Hedvig optimizes NFS to provide VM-aware storage that simplifies storage management for virtualization.

  • Webinar: Forrester's a Look at Rack-Scale Converged Infrastructure

    Forrester industry analyst provides an overview or hyperconverged and rack-scale converged solutions and what role software-defined storage plays in them.

  • ESG: Rack-Scale Converged Infrastructure with Hedvig and HPE

    Read the ESG take on the Hedvig and HPE bundled solution for rack-scale converged infrastructure.

  • Hedvig and Kubernetes Technical Brief

    An overview of how to integrate the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform into Kubernetes for managing a container deployment.

  • Hedvig product datasheet

    A detailed look at the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform software-defined storage features, specs, and requirements.

  • Hedvig technical overview whitepaper

    An in-depth overview of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform architecture including key components and how the system works.

  • Hedvig VMware solution brief

    Learn how Hedvig delivers storage for large, multi-datacenter VMware vSphere environments.

  • Hedvig Docker solution brief

    How Hedvig provides persistent block and file storage for Docker containers

  • Hedvig Universal Data Plane solution brief

    Discover how the future the Universal Data Plane is the future of storage and makes hybrid and multi-cloud environments a reality.

  • Hedvig and Veeam backup & recovery solution brief

    Learn how Hedvig and Veeam reduce costs, simplify scaling, and ensure availability for backup and recovery.

  • Hedvig and IBM Spectrum Protect backup & recovery solution brief

    Learn how Hedvig and IBM reduce costs, simplify scaling, and ensure availability for backup and recovery.

  • Hedvig and Commvault backup & recovery solution brief

    Learn how Hedvig and Commvault reduce costs, simplify scaling, and ensure availability for backup and recovery.

  • Hedvig backup & recovery solution brief

    Learn how Hedvig reduces costs, simplifies scaling, and ensures availability for backup and recovery operations.

  • Hedvig Infographic: Lowering TCO

    Learn how Hedvig software-defined storage drives cloud provisioning and economics and lowers TCO.

  • Tool kit: BackUp

    Want to reduce your backup storage costs by 60%? Get started with this backup tool kit.

  • Checklist: How to smooth your adoption to SDS

    Read our list of some of the most common barriers to a successful SDS adoption.

  • Checklist: The pros and cons of RAID, erasure coding, and replication

    Modern day storage systems implement data protection in three main ways: RAID, erasure coding, and replication. See the pros and cons for each technology below.

  • Storage Switzerland: What to expect from your VMware Storage

    Storage Switzerland summarizes why scale-up and scale-out storage aren't sufficient for VMware environments. A distributed, software-defined storage is needed.

  • Checklist: Top 5 benefits of using a Universal Data Plane

    Learn the top five benefits of deploying software-defined storage as a Universal Data Plane to span any workload, cloud, or tier.

  • Checklist: Understanding the value of Virtual Disks

    A critical component of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is the Virtual Disk. Learn 5 ways it helps create application-specific storage policies.

  • Checklist: 5 Things you need to know about stretch clustering

    Use these five tips to optimize VMware stretch clustering using software-defined storage for your virtualized environments.

  • Checklist: What makes a distributed system different

    Learn how to tell the difference between a true distributed system like Hedvig versus systems that are just pretending to be distributed.

  • Checklist: 5 Things you can do to minimize datacenter downtime

    Use these five tips including how to use software-defined storage to reduce downtime in your datacenter.

  • Checklist: 5 Questions you should ask your cloud provider

    Moving to the public cloud can present significant lock-in. Ask these five questions to make sure your thinking through how they'll treat your data.

  • Checklist: 5 Tips to understand the value of commodity hardware in storage

    Make a better business case for software-defined storage with these five tips for understanding the value of commodity hardware.

  • Hedvig infographic: Backup versus archive

    Learn how Hedvig software-defined storage augments and modernizes backup operations to handle growing volumes of data.

  • Hedvig infographic: Universal Data Plane

    Learn why Hedvig enables digital business with a Universal Data Plane: a programmable data management platform that spans any workload, any cloud, and any tier.

  • 451 Research: Hedvig wins big deals, boosts Docker support

    Read 451 Research's summary of Hedvig's product, traction, and recent success with persistent storage for Docker containers.

  • Checklist: 5 indicators that your storage model is a bottleneck

    Use these five indicators to diagnose if it's time to switch to software-defined storage to remove common storage bottlenecks.

  • Checklist: 5 considerations for evaluating server virtualization

    Five considerations to think about when using software-defined storage for your server virtualization environment.

  • Avinash Lakshman on the vision of a Universal Data Plane

    Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder of Hedvig, provides a two-minute overview of his vision for a multi-cloud software-defined storage solution.

  • Demo: Universal Data Plane with AWS and Azure

    Watch how the Universal Data Plane can span private and public clouds including AWS and Azure.

  • Eliminate downtime with VM-aware software-defined storage

    Watch this animated whiteboard that highlights how Hedvig VM-aware storage enhances stretched clusters and eliminates downtime.

  • Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform v2.0 feature brief

    Learn how version 2.0 of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides key enhancements for multi-workload, multi-cloud, and multi-tier storage.

  • Demo: VMware vSphere Web Client plugin

    See how to provision, manage, snapshot, and clone Hedvig Virtual Disks from within VMware vCenter and the vSphere Web Client.

  • Webinar: Leveraging modern storage for high availability

    Learn to optimize your data center for high availability with modern storage for solutions like VMware vSphere Metro Storage Clusters.

  • Demo: Provisioning Hedvig Storage with Kubernetes

    Watch this 15-minute demo to see how Hedvig provides storage to Docker containers through Kubernetes.

  • Demo: Highly available virtualized storage for Hyper-V clusters

    Watch this 10-minute demo to understand how Hedvig connects to Microsoft SOFS and Hyper-V clusters using SMB.

  • Checklist: Top 5 considerations for evaluating container storage

    Evaluate whether you should use VMs or containers for your applications needs and how software-defined storage helps.

  • Checklist: 6 considerations when evaluating hybrid cloud

    Learn six considerations you need to take into account when deploy data and storage for your hybrid cloud solution.

  • Hedvig Intro & Demo Webinar

    Introduction and demonstration webinar about the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform.

  • Avinash Lakshman on theCUBE

    A recording of Avinash's live interview at DockerCon 16. He discusses his vision for modern infrastructure architectures.

  • CloudScale Reference Architecture: QuantaGrid for Docker Datacenter

    Learn about the hyperscale integrated system combining Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and Docker Datacenter software on QuantaGrid servers.

  • Hedvig QuantaGrid hyperscale integrated system brief

    Learn about the Hedvig joint solution with Quanta Cloud Technology to build a hyperscale integrated system for Docker containers.

  • CloudScale Reference Architecture: Cisco UCS

    Learn how Hedvig and Cisco UCS provide a scalable storage solution for software-defined data centers.

  • Demo: Docker Datacenter persistent volumes

    Watch this 5-minute demo video showing how Hedvig persists stateful data volumes using Docker Datacenter, Wordpress, and MySQL.

  • Demo: Docker Datacenter Virtual Disk provisioning

    Watch this 3-minute demo video showing how Hedvig provisions Virtual Disks natively from Docker Datacenter.

  • CloudScale Reference Architecture: ClusterHQ for Docker Datacenter

    Download our joint reference architecture with ClusterHQ to run stateful HA databases using Hedvig, ClusterHQ, and Docker.

  • Hyperscale Storage for Dummies

    Download our free Hyperscale Storage for Dummies eBook: Learn to Solve Data Challenges like the Web Giants.

  • Hedvig infographic: hyperconverged vs hyperscale

    Learn how to choose the right architecture for a modern datacenter: hyperconverged or hyperscale.

  • Webinar: Benefits of software-defined storage for Docker

    This introductory webinar discusses what Docker is, why you'll need storage-specific capabilities, and how Hedvig software-defined storage helps.

  • Webinar: A live look at Hedvig and Docker Datacenter

    Learn from Docker and Hedvig about Docker Datacenter and the Hedvig Docker volume plugin that simplifies storage integration and management with containers.

  • Webinar: How to build resilient storage for virtualization

    Hedvig experts share best practices on using software-defined storage to provide a more resilient, multi-site solution for server virtualization.

  • Webinar: How to build OpenStack clouds with SDS

    In this webinar we discuss trends for OpenStack clouds and how to optimize them with software-defined storage.

  • Demo: Docker Datacenter integration

    Watch this 5-minute demo video showing how Hedvig software-defined storage integrates with Docker Datacenter via the Docker Volume API.

  • Demo: Hedvig for VMware, OpenStack, & Docker

    Learn how Hedvig provides a single, software-defined storage platform with native integration into VMware, OpenStack, and Docker.

  • Why Mazzetti selected Hedvig

    Mike Rinken, Director of Technology at Mazzetti, describes how he uses Hedvig to improve the economics of backing up and archiving his data.

  • Webinar: Four strategies for hybrid cloud

    Learn how software-defined storage enables IT to embrace four practical hybrid cloud strategies with data that spans private and public clouds.

  • Mazzetti case study

    Learn how Hedvig software-defined storage helps Mazzetti lower the costs of backing up and archiving its data.

  • Software-Defined Storage: Delivering Greater Business Value and ROI

    Learn how Hedvig software-defined storage delivers business value and ROI with significant capex and opex savings.

  • Webinar: How web-scale IT changes backup and DR

    Learn how software-defined storage and web-scale (hyperscale) architectures transform the economics of backup, archives, and DR strategies.

  • LKAB case study

    Leading mining firm uses Hedvig & Cisco for to simplify and future-proof backup operations.

  • Webinar: New storage strategies for today's enterprise

    Learn how to overcome exponential data growth, ever-changing business requirements, and constant cost pressures with a new approach to storage.

  • Demo: OpenStack integration

    Learn how Hedvig provides block, file, and object storage for OpenStack via Cinder and Swift integrations and set specific storage policies.

  • Meet Evolving Business Demands With Software-Defined Storage

    Read Forrester’s adoption data on storage and analysis on how to maximize business alignment with software-defined storage.

  • Rideau case study

    Learn how Hedvig software-defined storage helps Rideau evolve its server virtualization environment and complete its software-defined data center.

  • Demo: Guided product tour

    A guided tour of the product UI. Learn to provision storage assets in just seconds through the WebUI and mount storage in vSphere.

  • Demo: ClusterHQ Flocker driver

    A brief demo showing how Hedvig provides persistent, portable storage for Docker containers via a Hedvig ClusterHQ Flocker driver.

  • Hedvig Ceph product comparison

    Download this datasheet to learn how Hedvig stacks up against Ceph in critical OpenStack storage requirements.

  • Hedvig OpenStack solution brief

    An overview of Hedvig's Cinder and Swift capabilities for integration of software-defined storage into OpenStack clouds.

  • Hedvig OpenStack tool kit

    Looking to get started with OpenStack? This tool kit provides a quick overview of OpenStack components and how Hedvig fits in.

  • Why Dovilo selected Hedvig

    Bertram Rutte, Founder of Dovilo, explains why he selected Hedvig as the foundation for its managed storage services for its EMEA customers.

  • Hedvig product brochure

    Learn about the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform capabilities, benefits, and use cases.

  • Hedvig: Evolved Software-Defined Storage

    Download the full paper to read more about ESG’s analysis of Hedvig and how it can help transform your storage.

  • Dovilo case study

    Read the full case study of why EMEA managed services and reseller Dovilo selected Hedvig.

  • Hedvig animated whiteboard overview

    Watch this 2-minute animated whiteboard that explains the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform.

  • Webinar: Top four requirements for Docker storage

    Watch analyst George Crump of Storage Switzerland discuss the top storage requirements IT pros need to consider when implementing Docker and containers.

  • Hedvig animated cloud solution whiteboard

    Hedvig is the ideal platform for enterprises building private and public cloud. Get a brief overview of how our cloud solution works.

  • Webinar: Intro to the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

    Is your storage holding you back? Watch this introductory webinar to learn how the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform can help.

  • Webinar: Hedvig & ClusterHQ Flocker container solution

    Learn how Hedvig and ClusterHQ Flocker are solving persistent data challenges for Docker containers.

  • Webinar: 5 things to know about server virtualization

    Hear five changes taking place in storage that are highly-valuable for virtualization and storage professionals.

  • Hedvig infographic: 6 things you need to know about storage

    Learn six things you need to know about the future of software-defined storage and how Hedvig helps.

  • Hedvig in 2 minutes

    An animated introduction to how Hedvig is rearchitecting the way data is stored and managed. The first truly software-defined storage platform.

  • Whiteboard of Hedvig for OpenStack

    This 3-minute whiteboard video overviews Hedvig's Cinder and Swift capabilities for OpenStack clouds.

  • Why Fabrics4Clouds selected Hedvig

    Andre Mellul, CEO of Fabrics4Clouds, discusses why they chose Hedvig as a customer and partner to transform datacenter architectures.

  • Video Series: Forrester tutorial on Docker containers

    Forrester analyst Dave Bartoletti answers the top five questions you need answered to get started with Docker containers.

  • Video Series: Technical Hedvig technology whiteboards

    Hedvig technical expert Chris Kranz provides a technical whiteboard overview of the how the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform works.

  • Avinash Lakshman on who is Hedvig?

    Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder of Hedvig, describes the genesis of Hedvig and his vision for the modern data center.

  • Avinash Lakshman on what is Hedvig?

    Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder of Hedvig, provides a brief overview of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and its capabilities.

  • How Hedvig helps with VM and container storage

    Hedvig joins George Crump of Storage Switzerland to discuss how VMs and containers differ and help Hedvig helps with storage for both.

  • Hedvig company brief

    Download this one-page document that quickly overviews Hedvig and the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform.

  • Hedvig CloudScale Partner Program brief

    A brief over of the Hedvig CloudScale Partner Program components, benefits, and how to get started.

  • Storage Switzerland on Docker for Storage Pros

    Just getting started with Docker? Read this Storage Switzerland paper to understand storage considerations for production containers.

  • Hedvig Support Brief

    Learn how Hedvig's enterprise-class global support services provide timely assistance, resources, and resolution for technical issues.

  • Storage Switzerland on Hadoop storage: DAS versus shared

    Storage Switzerlands’s analysis on why moving to shared storage, and software-defined storage in particular, is the right architecture for Hadoop.

  • Storage Switzerland on How to Safely Use 8TB Drives

    Storage Switzerland explains how software-defined storage makes 8TB and other high-capacity drives a reality.

  • ESG spotlights Hedvig solution

    ESG senior analysts Mark Peters and Scott Sinclair discuss their take on Hedvig, our capabilties, and where they recommend companies using us.

  • Webinar: Forrester meeting business demands with SDS

    Forrester breaks down trends driving storage modernization and why software-defined storage helps meet evolving business demands.

  • Webinar: ESG storage trends and adoption data

    ESG analyst Scot Sinclair provides an in-depth look at storage trends and software-defined storage adoption.