A new approach to VDI infrastructure

Storage is one of the biggest bottlenecks for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. Disk IOPS performance during boot storms, a high cost per desktop, and a myriad of factors can doom a desktop virtualization project before it ever gets off the ground. Hedvig provides the ability to customize your storage deployment to fit the unique demands of hosted virtual desktops while delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

Hedvig takes advantage of the latest high-performance flash storage options in modern servers, leverages the cost economics of commodity infrastructure, and integrates data efficiency features to help you ensure the success of your VDI project. Hedvig benefits VDI by:

  • Delivering performance for user desktops and files

  • Ensuring a local desktop experience across sites

  • Lowering the average cost per desktop  


VDI environment


A predictable user experience at lower cost with software-defined storage

A software-defined approach to storage for VDI gives the flexibility to architect a solution as hyperconverged infrastructure or as a hyperscale system, scaling storage as needed to deliver linear, predictable storage performance. With a scale-out architecture you can easily manage future growth by adding nodes to extend both performance and capacity.