Self-service, API-driven storage for DevOps

On-demand infrastructure in test/dev environments is a must for achieving a fast time to market for business applications. Unfortunately, a majority of organizations report that it takes days or weeks to provision or acquire storage capacity – see Forrester study. Software-defined storage offers software development shops a key advantage, increasing the flexibility of storage provisioning using commodity infrastructure.

Hedvig offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility for storage provisioning in test/dev environments. By providing point-and-click provisioning with granular virtual disk policy selection as well as instant cloning, Hedvig makes it easy to deploy storage for development followed by a seamless move to production.

Hedvig benefits test and development environments by:

  • Enabling fast provisioning of block, file, and object storage directly from platforms like Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes, and Mesos

  • Providing programmable data services that developers can tune to accommodate individual applications and microservices

  • Supporting zero-impact snapshots and clones to spin up test clouds, speed up releases, and push data to production faster

Developer-friendly storage

Hedvig was designed to meet the needs of developers and DevOps engineers looking to directly provision and program storage. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a full set of RESTful APIs that control all aspects of provisioning, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring.

Hedvig also provides integration with popular developer environments. There's no need to even log into the Hedvig GUI or use the Hedvig CLI!

Hedvig supports:

Docker logoDocker Volume Plugin

Allow developers to provision storage directly from the Docker CLI or Universal Control Plane using the Hedvig driver. Manage the entire container lifecycle and image storage on Hedvig.

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ClusterHQ logoClusterHQ Flocker driver

ClusterHQ Flocker supports Hedvig volumes for Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes, and Mesos. Provision instant storage for container development in any of these environments.

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Mesoshpere logoMesosphere SDK

Hedvig supports the Mesophere SDK. Any large enterprise automating development environments using Mesosphere can create applications with Hedvig backend storage.

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Kubernetes logoKubernetes

Hedvig supports provisioning storage in conjunction with Kubernetes orchestration to simplify and automate container deployment, scaling, and management in dev clouds.

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