Hedvig VMware solution brief

Modern Storage for VMware—Read how Hedvig delivers an elastic, resilient, modern storage solution for VMware vSphere environments to help you successfully manage the volume of data and keep pace with change.


Architecture Overview Whitepaper—Companies are looking for a new way to deploy and manage storage. Download the full technical whitepaper for an in-depth look the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform architecture

LKAB Case Study

Customer case study—How do you revolutionize your backup storage and save money? Read about mining firm LKAB and how they utilize the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform to solve data protection storage challenges. 


Storage for any compute, any scale

Simplify your infrastructure with a unified solution for block, file, and object storage with full programmability and support for any OS, hypervisor, or container.

Predictably and dynamically scale storage performance and capacity with off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.
  • Start with as few as three nodes and scale to 1000 or more
  • Access storage via iSCSI, NFS, and Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift
  • Support any hypervisor including vSphere, Hyper-V, KVM and XenServer
  • Support any container technology including Docker, CoreOS RKT, LXC
  • Integrate directly with a complete set of RESTful APIs

Advanced data services

Customize storage with a full range of enterprise storage services, fully selectable per-volume for a perfect fit with your applications and microservices.

Choose the features that deliver the performance, efficiency, resliency, and data protection you require.
  • Thin provisioning
  • Client-side flash/SSD caching
  • Zero-impact snapshots & clones
  • Disaster recovery (DR) replication
  • Inline deduplication & compression
  • Pin-to-flash & hybrid volume options

Hybrid multisite replication

Protect each of your applications with a unique disaster recovery policy and deliver seamless high availability with a storage cluster that spans multiple data centers or clouds.

Deploy software on-premise and in public clouds to create an implicitly hybrid storage system.
  • Replicate up to six copies of data across the cluster
  • Logically manage any number of sites as a single storage system
  • Failover automatically to ensure your applications are up 24 x 7

Hedvig Components

Hedvig Storage Proxy

Storage access and client-side caching
Hedvig Storage Proxy

Lightweight access software that presents block and file storage access to hosts and enables client-side caching for fast read performance.

Hedvig Storage Service

Distributed storage system with enterprise-class features
Hedvig Storage Service

A patented distributed systems engine that creates an elastic, flexible storage system from commodity server nodes.

Hedvig APIs

Programmable interface for Hedvig storage services
Hedvig APIs

Programmable access to every feature of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform via a RESTful interface.


The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform gives you the freedom to choose a deployment option that best fits the requirements of your workload.
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Scale compute and storage independently


Scale compute and storage together

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