How Web-Scale IT Will Change Your Backup and DR Strategy

The world of backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity is being disrupted by new approaches taken from the playbook of web-scale companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Enterprises are adopting distributed systems-based, software-defined architectures that simplify management, streamline protection, increase uptime and reduce costs by as much as 60%.

This session provides insight on how software-defined storage (SDS) facilitates new ways to protect, manage, replicate, and recover data. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How a hyperscale architecture built on commodity hardware delivers better and more efficient protection for your data and applications
  • How to create a single geo or metro storage cluster that offers high-availability without the management headaches and high cost of traditional approaches
  • How to take advantage of a public cloud like AWS as a tier for older, colder data and as a DR site for a truly hybrid approach 

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Hear five changes taking place in storage that are highly-valuable for virtualization and storage professionals.