Multitenant, elastic storage spanning private and public clouds

Organizations are maturing data centers beyond virtualized infrastructure into true production clouds offering service catalogs and self-service provisioning. Traditional storage is a serious impediment to achieving a truly automated cloud.

Hedvig is built with cloud-like provisioning and simplicity for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) at its core. It plugs seamlessly into cloud orchestration and service catalog tools like OpenStack and Mesosphere, and supports container technologies like Docker, and CoreOS. Hedvig empowers you to deliver automated, self-provisioned storage that is available in minutes, not hours, days, or even weeks.

Hedvig benefits private and hybrid clouds by delivering:

  • A complete set of storage services including block, file, and object storage, thinly provisioned and instantly available

  • RESTful APIs for seamless integration into automation and orchestration frameworks

  • The ability to start small and scaling to thousands of nodes for pay-as-you-grow economics

Create a private cloud for virtual machines, containers, or both

Hedvig supports a wide breadth of cloud platforms to help large enterprises build internal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

docker-logo.pngDocker Volume Plugin

Provide persistent storage for stateful containers directly from Docker Command Line and Docker Universal Control Plane. Empower developers and DevOps engineers to automate data services without requiring storage-specific skills and tools.

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ClusterHQlogo.pngClusterHQ Flocker driver

Provision persistent, portable storage for Docker, CoreOS, and other container management platforms using the Flocker driver. Create container QoS policies using Flocker Storage Profiles.

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openstack-logo.pngOpenStack Cinder and Swift

Collapse block and file (using the validated Cinder driver) and object (using the Swift API) services into a single storage platform. Provision volumes and set multitenant QoS specifications directly from OpenStack Horizon.

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vmware_cloud_logo.jpgVMware vCenter Plugin

Provision, automate, and provide self-serivce storage directly from VMware vCenter for companies going beyond basic server virtualization with vSphere-powered clouds.

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Build a hybrid cloud and define application-specific policies by site

With Hedvig, you can use a hybrid cloud architecture to extend the value of your data center investments. There are two common hybrid cloud use cases.

Cloud clustering for DR

Extend your Hedvig cluster into a public cloud service, without the headache of hosting an expensive storage array. Write DR-specific policies to decide which applications are protected across multiple data centers or multiple data centers and clouds.

Private storage, public compute

Extend just the access layer of the Hedvig cluster to the cloud while providing caching and I/O optimization local to the cloud workload.

Deploy a single storage pool across multiple public clouds

Hedvig is a truly software-defined product, enabling enterprises to create a single storage pool that spans multiple public clouds or multiple availability zones within a single cloud provider.

Multi-cloud storage prevents provider lock-in, enables data portability among clouds, and unlocks new computing models. Hedvig guarantees data locality within each cloud, while also providing cross-cloud replication and disaster recovery services.