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Hedvig welcomes Chris Kranz, vExpert & VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

by Avinash Lakshman on February 23, 2016

Chris_Kranz.jpgI'm excited to announce a  new member of the Hedvig family: Chris Kranz. Chris joins us a Sr Systems Engineer in the UK.

Chris is a well-known and respected thought leader in the virtualization (or virtualisation, as he'd write it) and VMware communities. In fact, just last week, Chris was notified that he has been recognized as a vExpert. That's after five straight years of being honored as a VMware Certified Design Expert.

Chris is one of 217 VCDX's worldwide (#47 to be precise).

Chris is already evangelizing how Hedvig helps customers modernize their data centers. He's fresh off a road trip with stopping points throughout Europe and the Middle East. When asked what concerns customers most, he said three sets of questions surfaced over and over again:

  1. Hyperscale: How can enterprise IT embrace the hyperscale (or Web-scale) practices to cut datacenter costs and improve business responsiveness?
  2. Hyperconvergence: Is hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) the right fit for all workloads, or just some? What are the pros can cons?
  3. VMware storage: How can companies further optimize costs and resiliency of their VMware environments, and VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster in particular?

But don't take my word for it. Read it straight from Chris. He's taking  insights from the field and turning them into technical blogs. His first three are already live:

How software-defined storage helps right-size storage capacity planningBlog #1: Without software-defined storage you will size it wrong, guaranteed

Chris talks about how software-defined storage helps you right-size your storage environment.


SiteABCstorage.jpgBlog #2: Hedvig & vSphere Metro Storage Cluster

Chris Kranz shows how Hedvig  streamlines vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, with a special emphasis on going from 2 to 3 data centers.


software-defined.pngBlog #3: Software defined, hyperscale storage

Chris covers what elements of software-defined storage make it the future of modern storage, and how the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform helps.


If you'd like to read more of Chris' blogs, then click below. Chris will regularly post technical content. Better yet, most blogs will include 5-minute whiteboard videos illustrating technical concepts! In the meantime, reach out anytime if you need help getting started on modernizing your data center.

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Avinash Lakshman

Avinash Lakshman

Avinash Lakshman is the CEO & Founder of Hedvig. Before starting Hedvig, Avinash built two large distributed systems: Amazon Dynamo and Apache Cassandra. As the pioneer of NoSQL systems, Avinash is passionate about using distributed systems to disrupt a storage space that hasn't seen any real innovation over the last decade.
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