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36 Twitter handles every Docker & container enthusiast needs to follow

by Trevia Clark on September 15, 2015

docker_follow_6If you’ve read our previous blog post on Twitter influencers for storage admins, you know we love our social media at Hedvig. As we delved deeper into container technology, we found that when it comes to Docker – and containers, microservices, and DevOps in general – there are also many industry experts who readily share their insights about this new, exciting technology via Twitter.

Here at Hedvig, we are doing our part as well, working with ClusterHQ to provide enterprise developers with access to full-featured storage solutions for stateful applications that require more permanent data volumes.

Alas, it’s not just about us. Here are 36 experts that we think are the most active and helpful when it comes to learning about containers. Check them out and then click the Follow Container Twitterati button at this end of this post to follow all 36 in one swoop!

  1. Adrian Cockcroft, Battery Ventures  @adrianco

  2. James Turnbull, Kickstarter  @kartar

  3. James Governor, RedMonk  @monkchips

  4. Jessie Frazelle, Docker  @frazelledazzell

  5. Tim Crawford, AVOA  @tcrawford

  6. James Urquhart, SOASTA  @jamesurquhart

  7. Aaron Delp, The Cloud Cast  @aarondelp

  8. Randy Bias, EMC  @randybias

  9. Jeff Sussna, Ingineering.IT  @jeffsussna

  10. John Willis, Docker  @botchagalupe

  11. David Marshall, Vmblog  @vmblog

  12. Scott Fulton, The New Stack – @smfulton3

  13. Neil McAllister, The Register  @mcalllisterneil

  14. Alan Shimel, Container Journal and  @ashimmy

  15. Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker  @jpetazzo

  16. Solomon Hykes, Docker  @solomonstre

  17. Gene Kim, Energy Sector Security Consortium  @realgenekim

  18. Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks  @monadic

  19. Alex Polvi, CoreOS  @polvi

  20. Daniel Bryant, InfoQ  @danielbryantuk

  21. Derek Collison, Apcera  @derekcollison

  22. Kelsey Hightower, CoreOS/Kubernetes  @kelseyhightower

  23. Patrick Chanezon, Docker  @chanezon  

  24. Arnaud Porterie, Docker  @icecrime

  25. Mark Davis, ClusterHQ  @markldavis

  26. Steve Francia, Docker – @spf13

  27. Bob Quillin, StackEngine – @bobquillin

  28. Erik Anderson, IBM – @TalkToErik

  29. Scott S. Lowe, VMware  @scott_lowe

  30. Sebastien Goasguen, Citrix  @sebgoa

  31. Val Bercovici, NetApp  @valb00

  32. Christopher Ferris, IBM  @christo4ferris

  33. Laura Frank, CenturyLink Labs  @rhein_wein

  34. Luke Marsden, ClusterHQ – @lmarsden

  35. Thorsten Heller, Greenbird Integration Technology  @thoheller

  36. Michael Hausenblas, Mesosphere – @mhausenblas

Special mention goes out to bonus 37th container expert: Gordon the Docker Turtle - the mascot of the Docker project and self-described evil mastermind. We hope to see more of him in the future.


We think these experts are some of the best in the business. While you’re at it, feel free to follow and chat with us at our own Twitter handle - @Hedviginc. We love hearing about the way companies are using containers and software-defined storage to make their applications more stately. As usual, this isn’t a complete and exhaustive list there may be container superstars popping up in Twitter right now. Feel free to tweet or leave comments below to let us know if we’re missing anyone.

In the meantime, click below to head over to our Twitter list of all 36 experts. You can follow 'em all in easy set of clicks!

follow container twitterati

Trevia Clark

Trevia Clark

Trevia is responsible for all demand generation, interactive marketing, and content marketing at Hedvig. Trevia joins Hedvig from Riverbed, where she ran campaigns for Riverbed’s storage products.
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