Cost-effective backup and archive storage

The explosive growth of business data means you have more data to protect – and therefore even more data to store taxing already stretched IT budgets. Purpose-built backup and archiving appliances combine proprietary hardware and software to solve the problem, but at the price of flexibility and with significant cost.

For backup, Hedvig scales dynamically with commodity servers both on and offsite, providing an efficient platform for secondary data for backup, archiving, business continuity, and disaster recovery (BC/DR). Built-in hybrid cloud support and storage efficiency features streamline data protection with the ideal economics and flexibility for long-term data retention.

Hedvig benefits backup, archive and BC/DR operations by delivering:

  • A single, massively scalable platform based on commodity infrastructure

  • Extreme storage efficiency with inline deduplication and compression

  • Scale-as-you-grow economics utilizing off-the-shelf hardware


onsite offsite cloud backup


Store more data, more efficiently with software-defined storage

The flexibility of software-defined storage lets you custom fit storage to your backup and archiving operations. You can turn on – or off – any storage feature like deduplication, compression, caching, and offsite/cloud replication. 

To use Hedvig you don't need to change your established processes – just plug‐n‐play with any backup or archiving application that can backup or archive to disk. You can keep all of your existing policies and procedures and benefit from the advantages of a commodity, scale‐out, hybrid cloud storage solution for protecting and archiving data.